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Weddings - the perfect venue

Discover an iconic hall right next to an historic

undenominational Church. This is the perfect

venue for a wedding and reception or any other

type of function venue. Over 100 years of history

is on show at the Waihou Church and Hall site.


Set amongst mature trees, the Waihou

Undenominational Church is perfect for a

religious wedding ceremony of any creed and

equally perfect for a heart-felt service that's written by the marriage pair with your choice of Pastor, Minister or Celebrant. The Church provides for 120 persons seated in pews with an altar and stained glass windows. The Church is a memorial to early settlers and the war departed and has an atmosphere of pleasant reverance.


                                                    A truthful stone's throw across the road to the Waihou                                                        Community Hall you have a graceful venue for the                                                                wedding breakfast. The Hall decor is Edwardian with                                                            the original wainscoting, timber linings and timber                                                              floors providing a warm and inviting setting for about                                                        120 seated guests. There are 180 chairs and 20 tables.


The kitchen has cups, saucers and mugs, two stoves, a pie warmer and a refridgerator. There is endless hot boiling water. The main auditorium is huge with a raised stage for your band or DJ and equipment. A large supper room is located behind the stage. The toilets are modern - having just been fully renovated. There is assisted access for wheelchair guests and stacks of off-street parking.


The Church or hall can be hired individually or together. Combined, both venues can be secured for an entire weekend from Friday noon to Sunday noon for as little as $450.00. A bond is required.  Click here for our contact details.



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